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Creative Technologies in Music

Explore the integration of arts, design, science, and engineering.


53 Credit Hours for Major 

Music Core (23 Hours)

Advanced Theory and History Courses (6 Hours)

Performance Courses (4 Hours)

Creative Technologies Option Courses (21 Hours)


What You'll Study

Creative Technologies in Music (CTLA) is a new and cutting-edge degree option developed in collaboration with the Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology and the Creativity + Innovation initiative. It is designed to train 21st century artists, professionals, and innovators who are as passionate about music as they are about emerging technologies designed to enhance music composition, production, and performance, as well as offer innovative approaches to utilizing sound and human hearing. CTLA is particularly well suited for a growing number of students eager to explore interdisciplinary education that seamlessly integrates arts, design, science, and engineering, in response to newfound 21st century professional opportunities, including video game music and sound design, film scoring, live and interactive spatial sound and music, new interfaces for musical expression, innovative applications of virtual and augmented reality and human-computer interaction, data sonification, telematics, and more.

You will select from two tracks: Electroacoustic Composition and Performance or Electroacoustic Research to explore techniques, technologies, and creative approaches to music composition, performance, and foundational research in music and sound. The coursework develops skills in the areas of music, computer science, design, and engineering that will prepare you to pursue a variety of professional careers.

Our program’s unique strengths are rooted in a combination of world-class faculty and an incredible array of performance and research facilities. We are leaders in the areas of immersive and spatial sounddata sonification, and new interfaces for musical expression (NIMEs), as well as interactive music and multimedia, and sound design. CTLA is also the home of the world renowned Linux Laptop Orchestra (L2Ork) where students explore collaborative music making using experimental NIMEs. Students engaging in the program will also have a unique opportunity to work inside world class facilities, such as the immersive Cube with its 134.6 high density loudspeaker array, motion tracking, and multi-display/XR capabilities, the 24.4 Perform Studio, and the 24.2 Digital Interactive Sound & Intermedia Studio (DISIS).

We offer our students a rich variety of experiential learning opportunities, including internally and externally funded projects, industry partnerships, and internships. Most of our students participate in at least one such experience during their study. CTLA is also a part of the Creativity + Innovation initiative that offers interdisciplinary collaboration opportunities.

The creative technologies in music is one of the first such programs in the nation that are approved by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM).

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