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Virginia Tech String Project

Our Mission: To provide high quality and inclusive string music education for our community; and to prepare Virginia Tech's undergraduate music students for success in their futures as music educators.

History: The Virginia Tech String Project, founded in 2007, is the signature community enrichment program for the department of music at Virginia Tech. Our program is a member of the National String Project Consortium, founded in 1998, to address a national string teacher shortage through a plan that establishes teacher-training programs at universities throughout the country. Master string teachers work with Virginia Tech’s undergraduate music students to teach all classes. We fill a significant gap in the public-school system curriculum by providing beginning lessons in strings to students in the 3rd and 4th grades as well as providing a space for older students’ musical growth through multiple string orchestras for those with prior experience.


Our Faculty

The Virginia Tech String Project staff pictured together while socially distant and wearing masks

Molly Wilkens-Reed

Artistic Director
Alan Weinstein

Master Teacher
Yi-wen Evans

Student Teachers
Noah Blanco-Alcalá
Josie Chase
Martha Chen
Thomas Cummins (Assistant Director)
James Kim
Mazi Zachary