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New Music Ensemble

College students, dressed in black, stand on stage with various musical instruments. An abstract projection is on a screen behind them.
New Music Ensemble

NME at Virginia Tech, an experimental music research lab under the artistic direction of Kyle Hutchins, focuses on the discussion, artistry, and performance of experimental music after 1970, including free and structured improvisation, graphic notation, contemporary performance practice, interactive multimedia, and music in the expanded field. Since its inception in 2017, NME has premiered over thirty-five new works by student and professional composers and sound artists. 

There are no audition requirements for NME, and is  open to anyone in the VT community with instructor approval.

Want to know more? Contact: Kyle Hutchins

Listen to two virtual concerts below, as well as the original soundtrack created for the School of Performing Arts' production of "Alice Underground."

Find us on Instagram @vt.nme.