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Academic Forms

College of Architecture, Arts, and Design forms - including:

  • Independent Study / Undergraduate Research course request
  • Authorization to Take Courses Elsewhere - must be completed for any course you intend to transfer back to your Virginia Tech transcript records
  • Change of Major and/or Minor
  • Request for Overload Registration - to register for more than 19 hours in one semester
  • Request to Change Course to Pass/Fail or A-F
  • Request to Apply Course Withdrawal Policy - for a course already completed
  • Request for Exam Time Change


Recital Salon recordings of rehearsals or any other non-performance needs may be arranged through applied teachers

Copies of performance recordings - may be requested through email from Barry Bowling or from applied teachers

Music Online Reservation System
for classrooms, rehearsals, meetings, and studio reservations
(available to SoPA faculty, staff, and students via VT Two-Factor Authentication (VT 2FA) access - account required)


Equipment Checkout Procedures - contact Jack Scheibe