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Laura Iancu

Laura Iancu, Instructor

A woman stands in a field holding a camera tripod behind her neck, and a movie camera in one hand.
Laura Iancu, Assistant Professor

School of Performing Arts
251E Henderson Hall
195 Alumni Mall
Blacksburg, VA 24061
540-231-5335 |

Laura Iancu is a visual artist working primarily in non-fiction & experimental video forms, with an expanded practice of 3D animation and immersive video game design. She studied Fine Art Pedagogy at Ovidius University on the Romanian shore of the Black Sea and traveled to the US where she received an MFA in Photography and another in Cinematic Arts from the University of Iowa. Currently she teaches film production classes as Assistant Professor in the Cinema Program at the School of Performing Arts, Virginia Tech.

Her work blends aspects of sound art, poetry, magic realism, pop/internet culture, gaming, gardening and the myriad mutations of contemporary technology. Formally it ranges between traditional observational documentaries, such as Birthtree- a feature length film about the isolated village of her paternal grandparents- to the abstract&non-linear: Rattle, Fever, Manilla Folder, Self(ie;), Minerals and Buttercups, Transmissions, Faster, Sinking About You, Leave it Open, // Current State = true;. 

Her films and games have been showcased at venues across the world including Trinidad+Tobago Film Festival, Mimesis Documentary Festival, London Experimental Film Festival, Indie Grits, Bogotá Experimental Film Festival, Antimatter, Montreal Underground Film Festival, Seattle Transmedia & Independent Film Festival, Festival ECRÃ, Front International Cleveland Triennial for Contemporary Art, South Carolina Underground Film Festival, Iowa City International Documentary Film Festival, CÓDEC Festival of Experimental Film and Video, Istanbul International Experimental Film Festival, 10'th International Video Poetry Festival Athens, International Film Guanajuato. 

Recently Iancu has finalized a series of short documentaries in collaboration with local growers and scientists on soil vitality in biodynamic farming and rural traditions of the Blue Ridge and Piedmont regions of Virginia.

  • Photography
  • Cinematography
  • Animation
  • Hybrid Forms
  • Non-Fiction
  • Directing and Writing for Film
  • MFA Photography - University of Iowa
  • MFA Film and Video Production - University of Iowa