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Oto Koju

Oto Koju wears a colorful orange and blue shirt and plays a West African drum
Oto Koju, Creative-in-Residence/Visiting Assistant Professor of Practice

School of Performing Arts
Squires Student Center

Otu Kojo came to the United States with the Kusun Ensemble, an extraordinary group of musicians and dancers based in Ghana, West Africa. With reviews proclaiming the Kusun Ensemble’s sound as a “revival of vital art,” the band is now considered one of Ghana’s most innovative and powerful music and dance ensembles. By blending the authentic sounds of traditional instruments with the exuberance of hill-life music and the complexity of African jazz, Kojo and the Kusun Ensemble developed a unique Ghanaian sound and brought the tropical passion of West African music and dance to the world stage.

Kojo currently resides in Roanoke, Virginia with his wife and son. Kojo has quickly become an in-demand musician throughout southwest Virginia and has served as a guest lecturer and guest artist at Virginia Tech on several occasions. He has collaborated with faculty and students in the School of Performing Arts since 2014, having presented drumming workshops to over 1,000 students to date, and numerous rehearsals and concerts for percussion students and community members.