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Academic Forms

College of Architecture, Arts, and Design forms - including:

  • Independent Study / Undergraduate Research course request
  • Authorization to Take Courses Elsewhere - must be completed for any course you intend to transfer back to your Virginia Tech transcript records
  • Change of Major and/or Minor
  • Request for Overload Registration - to register for more than 19 hours in one semester
  • Request to Change Course to Pass/Fail or A-F
  • Request to Apply Course Withdrawal Policy - for a course already completed
  • Request for Exam Time Change


Recital Salon recordings of rehearsals or any other non-performance needs may be arranged through applied teachers

Copies of performance recordings - may be requested through email from applied teachers.

Music Online Reservation System
for classrooms, rehearsals, meetings, and studio reservations
(available to SoPA faculty, staff, and students via VT Two-Factor Authentication (VT 2FA) access - account required)


Equipment Checkout Procedures - contact Jack Scheibe