Thursday, April 4, 2024 at 4:30 - 6 p.m.
Blacksburg Public Library or via Zoom

The School of Performing Arts at Virginia Tech presents “The Power and Practice of Art in Healthy Communities,” a series of talks by nationally recognized artists and thought leaders on the power and practice of art and culture as essential elements of healthy communities.

Megan Carney will share her journey as a theatre maker and visionary community-builder with long professional roots in Chicago’s cultural life.  As artistic director of About Face Theatre and founding director of About Face Youth Theatre, Megan has been a leading force for compelling, relevant, and effective theatre making for two decades.  Her views on where she sees theatre organizations, practices, and the function and form of the art itself will shed welcome light on the cultural life of our own communities.

These public presentations are meant to lead to open dialogue on the practical values of art as a core element for building strong communities.  The speakers will share their artistic visions and journey in the contxt of the communities they serve while exploring the new realities their organizations are facing in a changing field impacted by social and political movements.

We welcome you to attend the other events in this series:
Feb. 8 - "The Power and Practice of Art in Healthy Communitites" with Mei Ann Teo
March 21 - "The Power and Practice of Art in Healthy Communitites" with Harold Steward